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Eat In Cappadocia

While explaining the Cappadocian food culture, it is impossible not to mention the Hittite civilization. The Hittites are a people who came to Anatolia from the Caucasus in 1700 BC. The Hittites settled in Hattusa, north of Cappadocia, and spread from there. They established a great and powerful empire stretching from the Black Sea coast to Lebanon. Hattusha was also the capital of the Hittite State and is located near Çorum today.

During the Hittite period, the only place we know its name in today's small Cappadocia is Zuwanisa, that is Avanos. The production of test and amphora in Avanos dates back to that time. The most important product of the Hittite period was grapes and vine. So much so that even laws have been enacted in his name. A bunch of spikes and grapes seen in the hands of the king in a Hittite relief found explains the importance of these two products.

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