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Acıgöl Hittite Scriptures, which should be seen by everyone who passes through Cappadocia, is one of the most popular treasures of Cappadocia.

Ağıllı Village, located within the borders of Acıgöl district of Nevşehir, contains important historical remains from the Hittites. Acıgöl Hittite Inscriptions, which are among the popular destinations of local and foreign tourists who want to witness the rich history of Cappadocia, are also called Topada Written Rock Monument.

The rock inscription belonging to the late Hittite period is from the 8-line text; these texts also consist of 400 words. The well-preserved inscription belongs to the Tabal period. Acıgöl Hittite Inscriptions, which are among the most important written sources due to their rich content and good condition, were engraved on the smoothed surface of a protruding rock. Each line of verse is separated by lines.

In the inscription, the struggles of King Wasusarma and his friends with eight different enemy kings and the victories achieved as a result of these struggles are described. It is also found in the inscriptions that these wars lasted more than three years. Although it is said to be well preserved, some words in the inscriptions have been damaged due to erosion factors and by humans.

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