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Derinkuyu, the largest underground city of Cappadocia, consists of 12 floors according to the information available. However, the permission of visitors is up to the 8th floor. This depth goes down to about 50 meters underground. In Derinkuyu Underground City, where there are more than 50 water wells, there is a natural ventilation system that prevents pollution from clean water during wartime. Therefore, some chimneys have no connection with the earth.

It is not possible for two people to move side by side due to the corridors and floors being quite narrow. The main reason for this is thought to be the need to quickly close the connection roads during the raid. This process is provided by round bolt stones that can not be opened from outside.

Derinkuyu also inholds a church carved on its second floor and offers a different world where 50.000 people can live together.

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