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Guray Ceramic Museum, where you can see the world-famous old ceramics and pottery closely, was built as a result of carving and restoring the underground caves. The museum contains historical artifacts from centuries before Christ. By examining these works, you can discover the developing and changing habits of people.

Guray Museum consists of 3 separate sections according to the works exhibited. In the first part of the Antiquities Hall, the 20th-century items belonging to 5000 years before Christ. You can see the valuable ceramics and pottery made until the Ottoman Period. In the Second Modern Works Section, you can have a look at the artworks of the great ceramic masters who have lived and are still alive recently. In addition, you can find a cafe to relax, a library for reading, a special exhibition hall and a music area. In the third part, you can have a calm and pleasant walk in front of works of art such as sculpture, painting, and photography.

The tradition of pottery, which has been ongoing for 5 generations, is performed in a pottery workshop on the museum. The family presents its artworks for sale to its visitors in the sales office. In addition, contemporary exhibitions and concerts are held continuously in other art branches.

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