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Güzelyurt, formerly known as Gelveri, is one of the shining pearls of the region that has hosted many ancient civilizations. Gelveri stands out with its characteristic houses. Cappadocia houses made by carving the rocks and historical Greek stone buildings stand together. It hosted great civilizations such as Hittites, Persians, Seljuks, Ottomans, Ancient Greeks and Romans.


Saint Gregorios Nazions, the founder of the Orthodox sect, started his first monastic life in Güzelyurt while he was living in and around Güzelyurt. With the natural wonder Ihlara and Monastery Valley, Kaya Mosque, St. With Gregorios Theologos Church, Red and High Church, Gelveri houses, Selime Cathedral, fairy chimneys, underground cities, spa tourism and dozens of other historical buildings, Güzelyurt contains all the beauties within Cappadocia.


With its rich cultural traditions, organic wine, impressive geographical structure and magnificent sunset, this beautiful town is a backyard that should be explored especially by those who want to have a magical time  in Cappadocia. Gelveri town is located 70 km’s from Nevşehir.

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