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Ihlara Valley is an impressive geological formation belonging to Aksaray province. Millions of years ago, it was formed by the erosion of the stream caused by the lava ejected as a result of the volcanic eruption in Hasandağı. The valley, which is about 18 km long, is one of the rare places that brings nature and art together with its natural vegetation and historical buildings. It has an average depth of 150 meters and a width of 200 meters. Ihlara Valley, where people lived in the past, is distinguished from other canyons in the world with this feature. The biggest reason why it is suitable for human life is that the Melendiz River gives life to the region. There are many churches from the past and living areas carved into the rocks.


To explore Ihlara Valley, where culture and civilization meet nature, you have to go down dozens of steps. After climbing down the steps, you will be listening to the flowing water and nature. Upon entering the depths of the valley, you can take a closer look at the chapels and the habitats inside the rocks. As the minutes pass, you will witness the strange energy of the valley that engulfs you to inspiration and makes you happy.


You can see Ihlara Valley in two different ways. The first is to watch the magnificent valley from the sky with a Balloon Tour from Cappadocia. The second is to embrace a wonderful adventure from beginning to the end with a full 18-kilometer hike.




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