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Mustafapaşa Town, which is among the untouched destinations of Cappadocia and not within 6 kilometers of Ürgüp and 25 kilometers from Nevşehir, is a Greek Village, formerly known as "Sinasos". This charming village, which is one of the must-see places in Cappadocia, is becoming popular with its history of rupture and its architectural features.


It is possible to come across impressive churches and chapels in Mustafapaşa Town. St. Vasilios, St. Stephen's Churches and St. Basil's Chapel, which hosted the Christian people until 1924 when the population change took place, created a dazzling effect. As a result of the fact that many civilizations have made this place home throughout history, it is possible to come across original examples of Seljuk and Ottoman architecture at the destination.


Mustafapaşa Village is one of the regions rich in places to visit. It is recommended to allocate time for destinations such as St. Nicholas Monastery, Mehmet Şakirpaşa Madrasa, Constantine Helena Church, Cappadocia Art and History Museum in the town, which is a must-see tour in Cappadocia. It can be said that stone mansions, which have become icons from the past to the present, also create a fascinating atmosphere for visitors.

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