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Çat Valley, one of the most colorful hiking trails of Cappadocia, is one of the most famous destinations where the beauty of Cappadocia can be seen for 7 kilometers. The valley got its name from the town of Çat with the same name. The valley, located 7 kilometers away from Nevşehir, has an impressive allure. The beauty of the valley, which fascinates every visitor with its view can be watched without getting bored for hours, must be crowned with a pleasant nature walk.

The valley extends in the north-south direction between Gülşehir Açıksaray ruins and Çat town. When the middle of the valley is reached, the trekkers have to make an important choice. In this region, Çat Valley and Fırınasma Valley intersect; those who want can continue to proceed from the Çat Valley. The starting point for the valley walk is the Çat town. In recent years, the fame of the town, which is one of the shining stars of Cappadocia, have been increasing.

There are many dovecotes carved into high rock walls up to the junction of Çat Valley and Fırınasma Valley. It is known that these pigeon houses were built by farmers to collect pigeon manure in ancient times. Some dovecotes have artistic embroideries, all details show that the Çat Valley should be added to the Cappadocia excursion route.

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