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Devrent Valley, surrounded by surreal fairy chimneys, is a must-see place for every local and foreign tourist. The resemblance of the fairy chimneys to animals in Devrent Valley takes anyone who wants to go on a fantastic journey on a dream trip. You can see fairy chimneys resembling many animal figures as if you’re walking around the zoo. The giant camel-shaped fairy chimney is one of the most important symbols of the valley. It is also possible to see figures resembling humans in the valley where you will witness nature's sculpting artistry.

The name ‘’Devrent Valley’’ means "pit and cliff". But contrary to this connotation, the valley is entirely filled with fascinating scenery. You can do trekking and horse safari, and dream by the moonlight at dusk. If you want to take a break in this natural beauty, there are shops where you can get some snacks and souvenirs.

Devrent Valley is located on the Urgup road between Avanos and Urgup regions. You can reach Dream Valley right after you pass Zelve Open-Air Museum. You can arrive at the valley by local methods of transportation or your private vehicle.


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