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He is one of the saints who grew up in Anatolia. He lived in Nevşehir in the eighteenth century. His tomb is still a place of visit in Nevşehir. He is famous among the people and is also known as Hasan Baba and Hasan Emmi. His legends are very common among the people, and some of them are described as follows. "One day, when one of his friends was about to die, he was at his head and prayed for him. The patient asked for pears when he was in his last moments. It was winter and it was not possible to find pears in that season. The relatives of the patient were confused about what to do, and looked at Hasan Dede's face. They looked at him and said, "Help us, what should we do, we will not be able to fulfill this patient's desire." Hasan Dede said to these people who were desperate and very upset: "Don't worry, we will find it. Allah creates an opportunity. He went out saying, "Wait a bit." After a short time, he came in with a pear branch in his hand. There were green leaves on the pear branch and ripe yellow pears on it. When the people at the head of the patient saw this situation, they understood that this was a miracle of Hasan Dede. Their deep affection for him and the close attention he showed made them all cry. They ate pears and made the patient's heart happy. The patient passed away shortly after."
The single-domed mausoleum on the tomb of Hasan Dede was built in the eighteenth century. The area around the tomb has been turned into a recreation park and afforested.


Source: http://www.turkiyenintarihieserleri.com/?oku=2310

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