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Cappadocia, which has hosted many different civilizations for thousands of years and gained a worldwide reputation with the artifacts left by these civilizations, is one of the destinations that must be visited in a period of life. There are many places to visit in Cappadocia, many historical ruins and special viewing points that make it possible to have a wonderful holiday experience. Saruhan Caravanserai stands out as one of the must-see places for those who visit Cappadocia.

Saruhan Caravanserai is located within the borders of Avanos district of Nevşehir.This caravanserai, built in 1249 during the period of Izzettin Keykavus II., bears the traces of Seljuk architecture. Saruhan Caravanserai, which became an important part of the caravanserai trade routes planned in a classical structure, was built with light brown, yellow and pink cut stones. This building, which spreads over an area of ​​approximately 2000 square meters, is a single storey but has a magnificent entrance door. Five doors open to the courtyard of the caravanserai, which has a mixed type of architecture, three doors are the main door and they have a visual quality that can be considered as a work of art.

If you want to witness the history and take in the beautiful atmosphere of the period, you can add the Saruhan Caravansary to your Cappadocia trip route.

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