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Kılıçlar Valley takes its name from the fairy chimneys that look like swords. The valley, which attracts great attention from tourists, hosts trekking trails and safaris. Inside the valley, you will witness a tunnel of more than 250 meters long and very different shapes of fairy chimneys. In the region where the caves are very dense, you can see the beehives and pigeon nests of the past. Under the chirps of birds and fairy chimneys, you should make a journey to history to make up your day. You have to conquer the valley gradually, taking in the beauty of nature.


You can see 2 churches in Kılıçlar Valley where you will witness the vast religious history of Cappadocia. These churches are the Virgin Mary and Swords Church. The most prominent feature of the Kılıçlar Church is that it has different frescoes containing 33 scenes from the Bible. It is estimated that this church was built before the 10th century. The Church of Virgin Mary, as its name suggests, has unique frescoes of the Virgin Mary. However, you can see that many historical events such as the crucifixion of Christ are symbolized.


In the valley where there are not many options for shopping, you should meet your eating and drinking needs in advance. But in the summer, there are small kiosks where you can buy freshly squeezed orange and pomegranate juices from the local people. It is located opposite the Göreme Open Air Museum and its transportation is very easy.

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