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About 17 km away from Ürgüp, in the Keşlik Monastery, there are two churches, a bezirhane, a winery, a kitchen, a dining hall, a school, a meeting room, a holy water source, and houses where monks and priests stay. It is thought that the monastery can accommodate 200 people. It is one of the mystical places that you should definitely see on your Cappadocia trip. One of the two churches in the monastery is dedicated to the archangel Archangelos and the other to St. Stephen, who is considered the first martyr of the Christian world. Archangelos Church is also called the Black Church because it is covered with soot. On the apse in the church, the last supper, the placing of Christ in the grave, the depictions of the Virgin Mary and Adam and Eve can be seen. St. Stefanos Church is located in a separate rock block. It is also called the Cross of the Church because of the cross on its ceiling.


Keşlik Monastery started to be built in the 3rd century with the spread of Christianity during the Roman Empire. Christian monks, who want to worship comfortably, have carved the rocks over time and gifted this huge structure to Cappadocia. Inside the sheltered caves, they were able to both protect themselves from attacks and perform Christian rituals.

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