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Taşkınpaşa Madrasah was built during the period of Karamanoğulları Principality. Although the date of its construction is not known exactly, it is estimated that it was completed in the 13th century. The madrasa is located in Damsa Village, 20 km away from Ürgüp. Taskin Pasha Complex consists of the mosque, the madrasa and the tombs in the courtyard of the mosque.


The mihrab, doors and windows of the mosque are built of smooth cut stones, and the walls are built with rubble stones. Although the upper cover has been completely destroyed, it is understood by the stairs to the left of the entrance that it has at least two floors. The rich stonework seen on the west side is in the classical Seljuk style. The main entrance door is completely decorated with geometric and floral motifs. The inscription that should be placed above the entrance is missing. To the right of the low arched entrance is the mosque of the madrasa. Like its mihrab, it is decorated with rich floral motifs. The upper part is decorated with palmettes and the double border with floral motifs.


Taşkınpaşa Mosque's mihrab, which is exhibited in Ankara Ethnography Museum, made of walnut inlaid technique, is important because it is the only remaining wooden example. The architecture of the Anatolian Principalities has a unique interior and exterior appearance you can not witness in other geography that fascinates people all over the world.

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