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Sobesos Ancient City was discovered by accident in 2002. The city, which is one of the mirrors of Cappadocia's history, was unearthed as a result of a 3-year archaeological excavation. As a result of the excavations, it has been observed that there are many motifs embroidered on colored stones. Especially the floor mosaics are made with interesting geometric patterns.


As a result of the motifs and the general architecture of the building, it was understood that it was from the Roman period. Although the exact boundaries of the city cannot be drawn, an administrative center, bathhouse, cemeteries and chapel have come to light. The meeting room covers an area of ​​approximately 400 meters.


The origin of the name Sobesos is based on the native people of Anatolia, Luwi. The original name of the city, Swa, is derived from Assa / Assos oges. The city was called Sobesos / Sobessos during the Roman and Byzantine periods with the changes its name went through in the following years.


Sobesos Ancient City is located in the region called Örencik by the villagers, near the source point of Damsa Stream, south of Şahinefendi Village of Ürgüp. It was strategically built on an area with very safe and fertile land

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