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Valley walks, where every person in nature is happy to be involved, is one of the favorite activities of adventure lovers around the world. Trekking routes, which are both enjoyable and challenging, can vary according to geographical differences. And, at the end of the courses, they provide their participants with satisfying feelings. Turkey has also hiking trails in many different regions. With its anthropic and geographical features, one of the most impressive is the Zemi Valley in Cappadocia.

If you want to join a 5600-meter dream starting from Urgup (Ürgüp) and extending to Goreme (Göreme), you should follow the Zemi Valley sign that you can see during your trip to Cappadocia. The valley route, which has a very simple starting route, will change as your steps increase, revealing the absolute harmony of history and nature to your eyes. Shortly after entering the valley, you will cross the landing points that will meet you and encounter another valley view. Your route, which will dazzle you with its ancient churches, historical ruins and dozens of trees, is accompanied by the sounds of water sources, crows of birds and steep rocks.

You will have to make small jumps over the waterways and walk through the steep rocks from time to time in the Zemi Valley, where it is very easy to walk through the path. While walking through the tunnels formed by the tuff cliffs, it will be quite fun to taste the fruits in the tree branches and you will wish your walk to never end.

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