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Soğanlı Valley has hosted all living species with its thousands of years of history. It is a first degree natural and archaeological site. It is a living history with its monasteries, caves and dovecotes built in the rocks… Especially the churches built in the Roman Period are very magnificent. The most famous ones of these churches are; St. Barbara (Tahtalı), Karabaş, Domed and Serpentine Church. In all these churches, there are frescoes with sections from the Bible. The Domed Church, one of the most famous structures of Soğanlı Valley, was built by processing the huge fairy chimney in the form of a dome.


In Soğanlı Valley, rag dolls hand-woven by the local people living in the region are very interesting. In addition, carpets with Turkish motifs and traditional items are also made. You can buy souvenirs from these shops and immortalize your trip. In addition to all these, there is also the chance to make a canyon trip in the valley.


Soğanlı Valley is located 60 km from Nevşehir. You will encounter a junction at the entrance to the region. The road on the left will lead to the village and the road on the right will lead to the historical churches. You can easily reach there with your private vehicle or with the help of touristic tour agencies.

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